40 nm Citrate-stabilized Gold


Quality level: 100


  • Nanoparticle
  • suspension

Contains: Patented surfactant as stabilizer

Concentration: ~ 7.2E + 10 particles / mL

Overdose: 1

Diameter: 40 nm

λmax: 529-533 nm

POI: <0.2

Storage temperature.: 2-8 ° C

SMILES chain: [Au]



25, 100 mL in glass bottle


Ideal for the adsorption of thiolated ligands such as oligonucleotides and polyethene glycols. Furthermore, due to the higher stability, these gold nanoparticles are ideal for use in physical and optical applications. Note: This product is not ideal for protein adsorption. For suitable gold nanoparticles for protein adsorption and other ligands for conjugate development, check out our PBS stabilized gold nanoparticles.

This material is highly monodisperse (<12% variability in size and shape) and provides significantly improved surface reactivity. Applications include surface-enhanced Raman tags, detection/detection, biological targeting, plasmonics, and electronics.

Legal information

Product of CytoDiagnostics, Inc.

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